Women’s Confidence Guide: Rules for Wearing Cowboy Boots

rules for wearing cowboy boots

For those who love things in the old version or related to the country, the style must be already familiar with cowboy boots. Yes, this fashion item is comfortable to wear. No matter of condition you face, rain or shine, the boots support your appearance anytime. In earlier times, it was designed for men or high-profile people. But, since it becomes more popular, you can use them for some event. However, there are rules for wearing cowboy boots you need to know.

Before we talk about the rules for wearing cowboy boots, you have to understand considerations when buying the boots too. There are three things to be noticed, which are the sole, height, and leather. The sole is important for your safety. If you don’t use it for riding or dancing, at least you choose the less slippery one. While about the height is mostly standard, the knee height or the roper style. Last, about the leather, is various. There are types of goatskin, snakeskin, and many more. After you decide the best one, here the guidance of its fashion to follow:

1. Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are the best friends of cowboy boats. Whether you are wearing light or dark boots, skinny jeans will stand out for your look. Moreover, this skinny model helps to point out the details of the boots. Since today many brands are making with some details, so you can make your friends notice about it.

2. Denim Shorts

For a more urban look, it is okay to combine your cowboy boots with shorts. It doesn’t only make you look stunning, but also sexier and aggressive at the same time. If you are wondering when to apply this fashion style, then the answer is at the beginning of summer. Light up people’s eyes with your straightforward country style.

3. Dress is Okay

If you love to look feminine and can’t leave home without dress, then just match them. You probably think it will be strange wearing a dress and boots outside. Well, you are wrong, because this match becomes popular today. You still look sweet with this manly shoe. Don’t be afraid of people’s impression, you can add more accessories to make the outfit more perfect.

4. Leggings

Leggings will work in the same way as skinny jeans. But when you are wearing legging and the boot at the same time, people will look you as a chiller person. To strengthen this impression, you can choose a tunic dress or a cardigan as well.

5. Avoid Pattern

Since the boots were worn by many people now, never think to combine them with patterns. You might be a trendsetter or want to make something different. But, trust us, when the pattern meets the boots will make you look crowded. If you don’t believe us, then just try it and see what it is like in the mirror. There is an overlap look stands out there.

The main key to wearing the boots is keeping your style simple. That is why some people combine basic colors among the top, pants or skirts, and the boots. Above are the rules for wearing cowboy boots for women to get confidence. One thing for sure, don’t wear it every day, so people will notice something unique from you once you are accompanied by cowboy boots.