These Are The Important Rules In Wearing Dress Shoes With Jeans

This day, fashion style has reached a new era where everything can be matched and mix as you want. When we just thinking about it maybe it will be weird but it seems good when we use it. But, you can’t mix and match without thinking about it first. There are available some rules on fashion style you should not avoid. Usually, these rules are for formal stuff like wearing shoes. You should put attention to these rules in wearing dress shoes.

rules in wearing dress shoes

Dress shoes are one of the important fashion stuff in this world. People usually used it for formal agenda like an academic activity or working. However, they usually used it with fabric or chino pants to maintain a formal impression. But these shoes also can be combined with jeans pants and it looks good. Here are some rules in wearing dress shoes with jeans so you can will get a good style.

1. Use the Right Kind of Jeans

You may have known that outside there available a lot of kinds of jeans with different types. It will be good if you use kind of jeans which has similarity with formal dress than others. Never use jeans with some holes or light colors because it will never match your dress shoes. Just use jeans with a darker color like black or navy so it will support your style.

However, you should put attention to jeans size like length or wide. Dress shoe does not match with oversized jeans and it makes your feet look tiny. On the other hand, if you choose tight jeans, it will make the shoes look bigger than your feet. Make sure you choose the right size, not too big or small so it will look good on your body. Also, choose jeans with the right length, at least on your ankle when you stand up.

2. Choose the Right Dress Shoes

Combining dress shoes with jeans will not as easy as you think if you want to make it looks good. You should be smart in choosing the type of right shoes. Because there available the kind of dress shoes which will never match with jeans. In choosing the right choice, it will be easier when you have figured out your look before. So, you just need to find the shoes that you want and focus on it.

You can try the Blocher or Loafer shoe if you a newbie in choosing dress shoes. However, choosing the right dress shoes is not only about the model, but the color too. I would prefer to choose a dark color so it will match with any shirt that we wear. It doesn’t mean you can choose a lighter one because it just depends on your taste too.

Well, these are two basic rules in wearing dress shoes with jeans I can tell you. These rules just non-standard rules are basic on how people usually use dress shoes. You can break the rules if you want to try a new kind of fashion but make sure it will looks match on you. Not every rule can be applied in every people because we have different tastes and fashion styles.