Fashion Rules to Break – Wear Them As You Like

When it comes to fashion, there is no right and wrong in what you choose and wear. However, sometimes some fashion just doesn’t seem right when a person wears it. Therefore, fashion rules occur which makes people limit themself in dressing up. However, people should know that these rules aren’t permanent, and they can break them. If you can look good, why not break these fashion rules? So what fashion rules to break and will people look good?

fashion rules to break

One thing for sure, the number one rule to make fashion look good is to feel confident. Whatever type of cloth or accessories you wear, if you feel good then it will look good. There are many kinds of fashion rules made, but no one knows who made it. Sometimes these rules are just assumptions from what people think. Therefore, break those rules and make your style. Here are some fashion rules to break that you should resolve:

1. Wearing Bold Colors Together

Some people say that wearing two bold together is just not right because it will make people stare at you. Well, if this isn’t a problem, then why not match two bold together to make you look bright. However, if you want to wear two bold colors, choose a color that will tone best with your skin color. Like if you have soft color skin then choosing yellow and red together would be a great option. 

2. Petite Girls Can’t Wear Maxi Dress/Skirts

Surely, many petite girls have heard this rule, making them choose shorts compared to a maxi dress. This rule isn’t wrong, however, if you choose the right kind of maxi dress you can still look good. Having the right cutting will even give you a taller look than other dresses. Therefore, choose a solid version of a maxi dress that can follow the shape of your body. Don’t have too many layers either and if you choose a maxi skirt make sure to wear a fitted top. 

3. Sneakers are Only for the Gym

Usually, people will only wear sneakers when they are going to the gym. Or you will rarely see a woman using sneakers for their daily wear. However, these days sneakers have developed their style and design making them able to wear anytime and anywhere. The designs are now not only sporty, but some are simple and feminism making women confident in wearing them. 

4. One-color from Head to Toe

Well, this might be ok in the old days and some people do obey this rule. However, for now, this is sure one of the fashion rules to break because wearing one color is just boring. Now you can wear a yellow dress and wear white or black flat shoes. Or you can mix and match a few colors of outfit into one and still look amazing. So, don’t get too caught in this fashion rule at this time of the year. 

5. No heels for Tall Women

This fashion rule is sure, not right because even if we are tall we can wear heels. Don’t get afraid to look too tall with wearing heels, just feel confident and let people see your long legs. We bet many other women are jealous of seeing those long legs of yours. So, wear those heels and be blessed with those legs. 

One of the fashion rules to break is to not feel not confident when you break these rules. Because the main key to breaking these rules is to always feel good and confidence however you wear them. When you can get these feelings, then you will look awesome and stunning.