5 Examples For The Best Secrets Fashion For Members Only

Do you have an exclusive club? Then you want to be special from the other in fashion but still not too be striking? You are reading the right article because here are examples of the best secrets fashion for members only.

1. Simple Tunic and Skinny Pants on Gathering

On gathering, you may need to move back and forth to make sure that everything is fine. Hence, you can’t wear a complicated outfit. The example is a large outfit that will be flying when the wind is blowing. 

Choose a simple tunic to make you can move easily. You can mix and match with skinny pants or a pair of a legging. To make you and your friends unified, choose the same design. You can differentiate each tunic by putting some details on different places.

In another way, you can equalize the pants. Just place flower lace on the knee, fo example. Making a cleavage at one side of the pants as the detail is also good to do.

2. Secret Pin on Car Free Day 

Want to join exercising on the car-free day with your club? Wake up early then take your tracksuits and sports shoes! Don’t forget to bring your club’s secret pin you have made.

This is one of the best secrets of fashion for members only, that easy to apply. Make it simple and not too big. A big pin can catch attention for other people. It can also make you uncomfortable to move.

3. Formal Shirt in a Forum

This is not that secret actually. A forum is often requiring the participants to wear a formal outfit. But you can still make it mysterious that only your club knows.

You can decide to wear a long-sleeve buttoned shirt. Make the color plain, then put the different colored buttons. Like if it is a maroon shirt, then match it with the moss green button to contrast. Apply the different combinations for the other club’s members.

4. Long Skirt for Wedding Party

Be graceful and elegant on a wedding party with a long skirt. You can make an agreement with your friends about what kind of skirt to wear. It can be a fishtail skirt, tutu skirt, draped skirt, or any other skirt. Just make sure that it is matched with the top.

However, remember to keep it simple. Don’t let your fashion overpowering the bride’s dress. Keep appreciating the bride and groom because it is their party. 

5. Special Headbands Among the Crowds

Creating special headbands for your private club is a delightful thing. Besides an exclusivity, it is also useful to identify each other among so many people. You can make it the same pattern with different colors. So, it will be an identity for each of you.

You may visit a festival or concert with your friends. Sometimes, you could be lost because of so many people there. Among the crowds, it will be hard to find anyone. Even if you are familiar with the place, it is not cool to walk alone, right? So, taking a look at people’s heads is what you need to do. When you find the same headband with you, that is your friend.

Those are the 5 examples for the best secrets fashion for members only. Keep your club exclusive by wearing an unusual fashion. Also, don’t forget to keep solid.