Rules Of Wearing A Blazer For Woman Which Fits All Body Size

rules of wearing a blazer

A blazer is a special cloth that usually wears on a special moment. Commonly the blazer can be used for both woman and man. Unfortunately, both women and men have a different style and size of the blazer. Therefore, there are many things that we should consider wearing a blazer. We cannot just wear a blazer without the rules of wearing a blazer as the following explanation.

rules of wearing a blazer

1. Considering Your Shoulder

The most eye-catching point of wearing a blazer is the shoulder. When wearing a blazer, the beautiful aspect is coming from the shoulder posture. However, you need to wear a blazer that fits with your shoulder. It should be fit and snug but should not be too tight. If you wear a tight blazer, you will get a problem in moving your body. On the other hand, if you wear a big size blazer, your shoulder will not seem snug and it will disturb your appearance.

2. Consider the Arm Length

Except for the shoulder, the arm also becomes the eye-catching of wearing a blazer. Commonly, both women and men should consider the arms when wearing a blazer. However, the woman is easier in determining the arm’s length of a blazer. A woman can wear a full-length or a three-quarter length arm of the blazer. Unfortunately, it can be applied for man. The important thing in choosing the blazer is choosing the blazer in which the arm is fit to you. Avoid the strange size of the arm such as too long or too short.

3. The Blazer Style

We might wear a blazer as long as it is suitable for the moment. There are many styles of blazers that we need to know before deciding to wear them. The blazer styles are jeans blazer, blazer with the pattern, tie waist blazer, pop blazer, and many others. If you want to appear in the formal style, you need to wear a blazer that seems formal. Don’t wear a pair of jeans blazer or too light blazer in the formal style. You need to understand well about this and become more fashionable.

4. Considering The Moment To Wearing Blazer

Other rules of wearing a blazer are determining the time. Knowing where the place of wearing a blazer is important to match your style with the moment. If you do not really consider the time, you may get the wrong costume in an event. Therefore, you need to determine the event, then determine the style you might choose. If the event is informal, you may wear casual blazer. But if the event is a formal event, you need to wear a formal blazer.

5. Considering The Color

As same as other cloth, blazer also has many kinds of color. What you need to do with the color is matching the color with the cloth. If you wear a cloth with a pattern, don’t try to wear a patterned blazer. Too many patterns of cloth will make you look bad. Thus, you must match everything which looks good to you.

To sum up, knowing the rules of wearing a blazer is almost important. You should appear beauty in all events and increase your confidence. Wearing a blazer is not a bad style, but you need to make and match it with other aspects.