How to Keep Fashionable With Masks For Your Daily Look

how to keep fashionable with masks

Today people who wear a mask are increasing. It is due to the virus issue that becomes special attention to many countries. But, in fact, before this unsettling condition happens, many actors and actresses wore the mask as their fashion. So, here we are sharing with you about how to keep fashionable with masks just like the stars did. Once you know how to treat the mask, you don’t need to feel awkward anymore using this along the street.

Before you walk further for how to keep fashionable with masks, maybe you need to know a little bit about this item. Actually, the mask is commonly worn by people in Asia. Knowing that their city is high in pollution, the Asians need something to go with to protect themselves. Then, they wear a mask to keep themselves safe. But during the time, some influencers introduced how to wear the mask more interesting. Here are what we’ve got for your references:

1. Plain White Fits for All

Nothing is best than white in outfits. It matches any kind of occasion. The plain white surgical mask could be your decision to wear. Indeed, people might think you just got a surgical aesthetic or something. But no need to worry if they see your beautiful face behind the mask.

2. Black for the Edgy Look

If you think white is too ordinary, then black might fit in you. The black mask will give you an edgy look. This style shows that you are an out-of-the-box person with a little rock taste. To make this appearance more perfect, you can combine with some touches, such as leather jacket, hat, or piercing and tattoos.

3. Animal Face for Cute

Perhaps you think the animal face is cute only for the kids. Well, you are wrong because many Asians, especially the Japanese people, choose this type of mask. There are duck mouth, monkey face, birds, and many more. But we don’t suggest you wear this mask for a formal occasion. Choose this mask as a part of your hang-out time with the girls.

4. Animal Skin Printed for Stylish

Still comes from the animal, you can choose their skin printed as the alternative. The most common printed is tiger and cheetah looks. But there are also other skin looks, like the zebra, cow, cat, and many more. Lots of fashion designers take advantage of this pattern. So now you can see how people are very stylish combining this mask with their outfit for formal and semi-formal attire.

5. Branded Logo for Fashionista

Since the mask is getting hype, some brands create their own mask as one of the fashion items. After they launched the mask, it becomes must-have items for every fashionista. If you pay attention to some stars, they wear a mask with a brand logo at the front. That speaks more than words about how to keep fashionable with masks. Anything you wear with the logo, you are the center of attention!

Even though some researches have proven that a mask doesn’t prevent much effectively from viruses and bacteria, people still believe that wearing a mask is one of the efforts to keep themselves safe. Since the mask is a part of their outfit, the essence of using it is shifted too. Those are all about how to keep fashionable with masks. No matter the pros and cons, at least you try to avoid the illness and keep the style on at the same time.