Hijab Fashion Trends 2020 That Will Make You Look Trendy

hijab fashion trends 2020

Using the hijab is not just an identity for Muslim women. But wearing closed clothes is a must for every Muslim woman. If most people think that using a hijab is an ancient thing, then that assumption is wrong. Now you can look trendy and beautiful even though you wear a hijab. The following is the hijab fashion trends 2020 that will make you look trendy.

1. Earth Color

The fashion hijab trend in 2020 starts with the color of the earth. The earth’s color is like brownish orange, olive, green, terracotta and brown. This color is very calm and suitable for use in any situation. Of course, women who wear hijab fashion with the color of this earth will look elegant and beautiful.

The colors of the earth are very trendy so they will not make you look old-fashioned. Especially with the calm impression of the color will make you look elegant. You can even combine these colors with a variety of clothing and hijab fashions.

2. Floral Motifs

One of the hijab fashion trends 2020 is floral motifs. In addition, the reason for floral being one of the motifs of the hijab trend in 2020 is because it can be suitable to match the color of the earth. Therefore, this motif can be one of the hijab fashion trends that will make women look beautiful.

This floral motif is one of the fashion items with a very feminine style. Therefore, if you use a hijab or clothes with this motif, you will look very elegant. You can even combine this motif with any color. Or you can also combine it with the color of the earth which is very calm. This is what makes this floral motif survive today.

3. Quadrilateral Hijab

In 2020, the quadrilateral hijab is still a hijab fashion trend. The use of this hijab is excellent because it is simple and practical to use. In addition, you can use it in formal or informal events. In fact, you will look trendy and elegant by using a rectangular hijab.

Quadrilateral hijab can not only be used with one model. Now many models of hijab use quadrilateral hijab. The hijab mode is certainly very modern and suitable for use in a variety of moments or events.

4. Long Dress

The long dress is one of the hijab fashion trends 2020. By using a long dress will make women look syarii and feminine. And the feminine style will dominate the hijab style in 2020. Besides that, you can look fashionable even though you are wearing syarii clothes.

If using a long dress for every day is considered very complicated, then the assumption is wrong. Because the size of this outfit is quite large and not too form a body, then you can move freely. In addition, now there are many modern and trendy long dress fashions.

That was 4 hijab fashion trends 2020 that will make you look trendy. Now using the hijab is not only an obligation but also a modern fashion trend. Therefore, there are many fashion items that you can mix and match to become an attractive whole.