Fashion Tips For Twin Babies, A Way To Having Fun In Dressing Babies

fashion tips for twin babies

Having a baby is the greatest blessing for parents. Furthermore, if it is a twin baby. There are many fun activities you can do with your cute little babies. One of them is dressing your twin babies. You even could say that dressing the babies is the funniest thing to do. However, as you have twin babies, the way you dress them is also different from having the only baby. The twin babies usually have their own fashion style. And to make them look the cutest, you can look for fashion tips for twin babies.

fashion tips for twin babies

1. Custom Onesies

Onesies are one of the most common dress for baby. It also can be used in twins. But you need something special so the twin will look stand out. It is where custom onesies come in. Unlike the other kinds of clothes, custom clothes allow you to make your own design and size. And that’s perfectly going well with the twin as it gives unique vibes, making them look adorable. As for the color, it’s better to have the same color.

2. Match Theme with Different Color

If you have twin babies with different gender, of course, you will dress them differently. But, having them dress differently may feel not right with you. And so, the fashion tips for twin babies with a different gender is to dress them in match theme clothes, albeit it is in a different color.

For example, you can dress your twin in the mickey mouse theme. However, as the twin is different, you can dress the daughter in red-white polka dote mini mouse dress. As for the son, you can dress him in a white t-shirt with a printed red tie mickey. Now, your twin will look adorable with this match clothes.

3. Same Color Clothes

While it may be a little cliché, but dressing your twin baby in the same color is the best feeling. Whatever the model, as long as it has the same color it will look perfect in them. To make a more impact, you can choose the clothes that have some letters written on it. Of course, the letters have to be related to each other or it will look like just ordinary clothes.

4. Swapped Color Clothes

One of the fashion tips for twin babies that you can use is swapped color clothes. This will look good in your twin. You just need to buy a t-shirt with pants with a swapped color. One t-shirt has the color of the other pant and the pant has the color of the other t-shirt. When dressing like this, at a glance your twin may look wear different clothes, but when looking at them again, they actually wear the same clothes.

 5. Super Match Dress

The easiest way to dress up your twin is by making them wear the perfectly same dress. Not only will it look good at them, but it also boosts their adorable point. What the model is doesn’t matter. Be it onesies, a suit or a dress, as long as it matched, your twin will be the cutest babies ever.

Choosing the clothes that the twin baby will wear, sometimes is handy but fun. With the fashion tips for twin babies, your twin can be the most adorable twin in the world.