Best Red Carpet Looks Grammys From Time To Time

best red carpet looks grammys

Grammy Awards is one if nothing the most prestigious music awards in the world. Once a year, a lot of artists with the highest achievement come to witness the best artist in various categories. However, the awarding ceremony is not the only thing that has been looked forward to. Red carpet where the artists walk to show up their outfit also becomes an attraction for this show. They can get harsh critics if they wear an awful dress. On the other hand, people will praise them for wearing a nice-looking dress. So, here is the best red carpet looks Grammys.

best red carpet looks grammys

1. Lana Del Rey with Peach Gown

In 2018 Lana Del Rey leaving a great impression for her outfit in Grammy’s Red Carpet. She wore a peach gown with silver ornament on it. Without showing so much skin, she absolutely looked gorgeous. To match up to her dress’s ornament, Lana Del Rey wore accessories and shoes with the same color as her ornament.

2. Black Dress of Rihanna

One of the best red carpet looks Grammys is the black dress Rihana wore back in 2011. She chose the best outfit ever that shows how incredible is her curve. Though the dress she wore is simple, the sexiness she has still overflowing. The Armani shoes and gold clutch she wears added her beautiful looks.

3. Taylor Swift’s Silver Dress

If you hear Taylor Swift won the Grammys awards, you may not be surprised. But, what if her dress we’re talking about? In 2014, Taylor proved to be not only good with singing and writing songs but also has a nice sense of dressing. At that time, she wore a silver Gucci gown that fit in her body. With the pair of Jimmy Choo heels, Taylor Swift radiated gorgeous woman aura.

4. Kim Kadarshian and Her Gold Dress

When talking about the best red carpet looks Grammys, Kim Kadarshian’s outfit in 2011 may cross in your mind. With the shimmering low cut gold Kaufman Franco gown, Kim shows her stunning body. Moreover, she didn’t need to do her hair in a complicated model and keep it simple, and yet she still emitting beautiful aura. Her make up is also understated make her dress stand out more.

5. Ariana Grande’s Grand Dress

62’s Grammys Award just finished the other day, but Ariana Grande’s outfit still lingering in the mind. After she showed the kind of grand dress, it’s possible for you to not forgetting about it. In the 62’s Grammys Awards, Ariana showed up in a red carpet with a grand grey gown that looks like to come out from fairy tales. There is nothing much to comment on her dress except amazing and gorgeous.

6. Grace Elizabeth

Who said that simple dress can’t bring out someone’s beauty? Grace Elizabeth is proof. Her dress is not as grand as the others yet she still shone brightly. Grace Elizabeth wore a dress that shows a little bit of cleavage with glitter all over her dress. She didn’t need to wear so many accessories and yet she looks incredibly beautiful.

When Grammys Awards finished, the talk about it will flow for a couple of days. This including the red carpet that becomes the most attractive thing in Grammy. And the best red carpet looks Grammys will always remain in everyone’s heart.