Best Attire For Job Interview To Make Positive Impression

best attire for job interview

A job interview is the most important part of job hunting. That’s why you should prepare for the best performance. While it’s important to practice how to answer the interviewers, you should not forget what kind of attire you’ll wear. That’s because the first thing they notice is your appearance. So, if you wear the wrong attire, it can give a weak or even negative impression. So here is the recommendation of the best attire for job interview.

1. A Suit for Formal Business

If you’re a man, then the best attire for job interview is a suit. Especially if the company you want to apply runs a formal business. A shirt with a tie and jacket that matches your shirt. Don’t ever wear jeans when you go to a job interview, as it’s too casual.

As for the color of your outfits, try hard to not look flashy with bright colors that hurt the eyes. And you should wear an outfit that you feel most comfortable with.

2. Conservative Style For Women

In general, women’s outfit is no different than men’s. If you’re a woman and want to do the job interview, wear a conservative outfit is the best choice. A blouse and blazer with a skirt or pants are the most possible choice. And when you intend to wear a skirt, do not wear a miniskirt.

The shoes you wear also should be a conservative one with a low heel. As always, don’t wear anything flashy or dress with too bright colors. 

3. Tailored Dress for Casual Business 

When you want to go to a job interview in a casual business company, you can lower the formality of your attire. Even so, you can’t dress to casual. Although it is a casual business, the attire you wear should tend to be business-like rather than casual. And the best choice is to wear a tailored dress. It still gives the vibe of business-like, but look more casual.

As for the colors of the dress, choose colors that a little soft but not flashy. Also, wear appropriate shoes like flats, loafer or low heels. Don’t forget to keep the skirt not too short and keep your cleavage to the minimum.

4. Casual Shirt for Casual Business

For the men who want to come in a job interview, choosing the best attire can be confusing. If that the case it’s better if you wear a casual shirt. Most companies usually run a casual business, after all. You do not need to wear a necktie or even a jacket.

Just wear a casual shirt with pants, not jeans. You can add an accessory like a watch for example. As for the shoes, you can consider loafers, derbies or even sneakers. Don’t forget to wear clothes that are not flashy.

Because it is an important event in your life, you should wear the best attire for job interview. That way you will leave a positive impression on your interviewer. And then, increase the possibility of you get accepted in the job you’re applied.