Fashion Rules to Break – Wear Them As You Like

When it comes to fashion, there is no right and wrong in what you choose and wear. However, sometimes some fashion just doesn’t seem right when a person wears it. Therefore, fashion rules occur which makes people limit themself in dressing up. However, people should know that these rules aren’t permanent, and they can break them. If you can look good, why not break these fashion rules? So what fashion rules to break and will people look good?

fashion rules to break

One thing for sure, the number one rule to make fashion look good is to feel confident. Whatever type of cloth or accessories you wear, if you feel good then it will look good. There are many kinds of fashion rules made, but no one knows who made it. Sometimes these rules are just assumptions from what people think. Therefore, break those rules and make your style. Here are some fashion rules to break that you should resolve:

1. Wearing Bold Colors Together

Some people say that wearing two bold together is just not right because it will make people stare at you. Well, if this isn’t a problem, then why not match two bold together to make you look bright. However, if you want to wear two bold colors, choose a color that will tone best with your skin color. Like if you have soft color skin then choosing yellow and red together would be a great option. 

2. Petite Girls Can’t Wear Maxi Dress/Skirts

Surely, many petite girls have heard this rule, making them choose shorts compared to a maxi dress. This rule isn’t wrong, however, if you choose the right kind of maxi dress you can still look good. Having the right cutting will even give you a taller look than other dresses. Therefore, choose a solid version of a maxi dress that can follow the shape of your body. Don’t have too many layers either and if you choose a maxi skirt make sure to wear a fitted top. 

3. Sneakers are Only for the Gym

Usually, people will only wear sneakers when they are going to the gym. Or you will rarely see a woman using sneakers for their daily wear. However, these days sneakers have developed their style and design making them able to wear anytime and anywhere. The designs are now not only sporty, but some are simple and feminism making women confident in wearing them. 

4. One-color from Head to Toe

Well, this might be ok in the old days and some people do obey this rule. However, for now, this is sure one of the fashion rules to break because wearing one color is just boring. Now you can wear a yellow dress and wear white or black flat shoes. Or you can mix and match a few colors of outfit into one and still look amazing. So, don’t get too caught in this fashion rule at this time of the year. 

5. No heels for Tall Women

This fashion rule is sure, not right because even if we are tall we can wear heels. Don’t get afraid to look too tall with wearing heels, just feel confident and let people see your long legs. We bet many other women are jealous of seeing those long legs of yours. So, wear those heels and be blessed with those legs. 

One of the fashion rules to break is to not feel not confident when you break these rules. Because the main key to breaking these rules is to always feel good and confidence however you wear them. When you can get these feelings, then you will look awesome and stunning. 

These Are The Important Rules In Wearing Dress Shoes With Jeans

This day, fashion style has reached a new era where everything can be matched and mix as you want. When we just thinking about it maybe it will be weird but it seems good when we use it. But, you can’t mix and match without thinking about it first. There are available some rules on fashion style you should not avoid. Usually, these rules are for formal stuff like wearing shoes. You should put attention to these rules in wearing dress shoes.

rules in wearing dress shoes

Dress shoes are one of the important fashion stuff in this world. People usually used it for formal agenda like an academic activity or working. However, they usually used it with fabric or chino pants to maintain a formal impression. But these shoes also can be combined with jeans pants and it looks good. Here are some rules in wearing dress shoes with jeans so you can will get a good style.

1. Use the Right Kind of Jeans

You may have known that outside there available a lot of kinds of jeans with different types. It will be good if you use kind of jeans which has similarity with formal dress than others. Never use jeans with some holes or light colors because it will never match your dress shoes. Just use jeans with a darker color like black or navy so it will support your style.

However, you should put attention to jeans size like length or wide. Dress shoe does not match with oversized jeans and it makes your feet look tiny. On the other hand, if you choose tight jeans, it will make the shoes look bigger than your feet. Make sure you choose the right size, not too big or small so it will look good on your body. Also, choose jeans with the right length, at least on your ankle when you stand up.

2. Choose the Right Dress Shoes

Combining dress shoes with jeans will not as easy as you think if you want to make it looks good. You should be smart in choosing the type of right shoes. Because there available the kind of dress shoes which will never match with jeans. In choosing the right choice, it will be easier when you have figured out your look before. So, you just need to find the shoes that you want and focus on it.

You can try the Blocher or Loafer shoe if you a newbie in choosing dress shoes. However, choosing the right dress shoes is not only about the model, but the color too. I would prefer to choose a dark color so it will match with any shirt that we wear. It doesn’t mean you can choose a lighter one because it just depends on your taste too.

Well, these are two basic rules in wearing dress shoes with jeans I can tell you. These rules just non-standard rules are basic on how people usually use dress shoes. You can break the rules if you want to try a new kind of fashion but make sure it will looks match on you. Not every rule can be applied in every people because we have different tastes and fashion styles.

5 Rules Of Wearing Suspenders For Your Perfect Appearance

For men who want to have a classic style, you can wear suspenders as accessories. This is because suspenders are usually used to support men’s appearance to make them look manlier. However, the use of suspenders should not be careless, there are several rules of wearing suspenders.

rules of wearing suspenders

Suspenders are easy enough for you to use, but make sure that the suspenders do not come off your shoulders. Therefore, you also have to make sure that you wear suspenders well. However, before wearing suspenders, you should know the rules of wearing suspenders through the article below:

1. Avoid Wearing a Belt

Suspenders and belts are useful to support the use of your pants. So, if your pants are loose, you can use a belt or suspenders. Belts and suspenders can prevent your pants from sagging. Moreover, belts and suspenders can also add comfort in using pants.

However, you must choose to use only one of them between a belt or suspenders. If you wear suspenders, avoid using belts. This will give an excessive impression on your appearance.

2. Choose The Right Size and Style

You must have the right size suspenders. For example, if you are very tall, you can choose longer-sized suspenders. This can prevent you from slouching when you walk. Regarding the style of suspenders, there are two styles of suspenders that you should know about.

For example, the two suspenders’ styles are X-back and Y-back. X-back suspenders will form an X on your back. X-back style on the suspenders will provide better support because it has a wider distance.

3. Never Wear Suspenders Without a Jacket

One of the rules of wearing suspenders is never wearing it without a jacket. When you wear suspenders for special events, or in a professional setting, you must wear a suit. This is because suit can support your appearance when you wear suspenders.

However, you can also not have to use a suit or jacket when you want to have a casual style. You can mix and match suspenders with jeans or a chino. So, this rule only applies to certain occasions.

4. Make Sure Your Suspenders Match The Color of Your Shoe

If you want to wear suspenders, you should match the colors of the suspenders with your shoes. This can make your appearance harmonious and look more elegant. However, if you are the first to wear suspenders, choose black.

This is because black is a neutral color and is suitable if you want to match it with other colors. If you are already good at using suspenders, you can experiment using a variety of suspenders colors.

5. Choose The Right Type of Suspenders

Do you know if suspenders have 2 types? The first type is the clip-on type, and the second type is the button-on type. If you want a professional style, you better use the button suspenders type.

However, if you want to have a casual appearance, you can use clips. This is because the type of clip uses metal that is less elegant if you use it on a professional occasion.

Those are the rules of wearing suspenders you should know. You should follow these 5 rules so that your appearance is perfect when wearing suspenders. Moreover, you should be able to determine the type, color, and size of suspenders that are right for you.

Best New Designer Worth To Take a Look At This Year

Every year, lots of designers will be arising. These designers are ready to fulfill your wardrobe with their amazing design. From simple looking until unique design, their design might leave your mouth open. New fashion talent from all over the world will be rising. Here is the list of new designer worth to take a look at this year!

New designer worth to take a look

1. Richard Quinn, UK

Despite being offered to become creative director of a big brand, Quinn does not have any interests. Instead, he rejects the offers and focusing more on developing his own brand. Born in 1990, the British Designer established his first commercial fashion runaway back in 2018. His first runaways successfully grab the attention of Queen Elisabeth II. Quinn’s first runaway also made through several headlines.

Retro floral prints, as well as the layered and oversized garments, succeed in capturing the buyers’ and critics’ hearts. Diverse models also added plus points for the runway. He then becomes a new designer worth to take a look.

2. Maggie Hewitt, New Zealand

As the founder of Maggie Marilyn’s fashion brand, Hewitt has successfully developed her brand. Only a year of her graduation, her fashion brand has become the hottest fashion brand in New Zealand. Also, this fashion branded also successfully gone international.

Hewitt wants to create a more positive future for the fashion industry through her brand. These long term goals are what makes her brand become successful. It also succeeds in grabbing the attention of young people.

3. Shushu and Tong, Shanghai

Shanghai fashion scene has been under the spotlight nowadays. Many successfully designer has emerged. Yet, the design duos Lei Liushu (Shushu) and Jiang Yutong (Tong) has been stood out for their brand, Shushu/Tong. This duo has been friends for nearly a decade before creating the brand back in 2015.

The duo has mostly inspired by the unconventional femme Fatales. They also combine the elements of Chinese and British school uniforms. The uniqueness of their design has attracted many people to become their design fans.

4. Snow Xue Gao, US

Another new designer worth to take a look at is Snow Xue Gao. She is a fashion designer that successfully creating a fashion brand. The combination of the Chinese and Western wardrobe staples has become the trademark of this brand. The brand established its first fashion runway in New York. Many people become attracted and to this brand, after the runway.

Although Gao is a successful fashion designer, this is not really her dream. When she was little, she wanted to be an artist. In order to pursue her dream, Gao took the National Higher Education Entrance Examination. Getting a high score makes her teacher recommend her to take fashion design major in the Beijing Institute of Fashion and Technology. Thus, she became a new designer worth to take a look.

5. Carly Mark and Ayla Argentina, US

Mark and Argentina first met in 2016. After several meetings, they decided to collaborate on a project. Finally, in 2018, they finally debut their first collection and create a brand called Puppets and Puppets. Their design was inspired by the combination of Wall Street Businessmen and Russian Outwear. Their unique design has gained lots of fans.

There are lots of new designer worth to take a look at. These designers have offers more unique design to fulfill your wardrobe. Their young spirit and new visions will liven up the fashion industry. Therefore, these new designers play an important role in creating a more positive fashion industry.